Tuesday, July 19, 2011

...And We're Back!

"At least it was the last day" - Some engineer right before he got fired

What a weekend! After seeing some phenomenal bands at Bluesfest over Saturday (more on that later...) I was headed to the final night (Sunday) with some friends when a big, black storm cloud started gaining rather quickly on the festival. With mixed feelings about the event, the ensuing conversation went something like this:

Jeremy: "Man, I saw this storm coming on the Weather Network... It's bad news, I'm not down. We should turn back, I'm not feeling this at all."

Everyone else: "But we already bought our tickets..."

So, after much deliberation, debate and decision making, we did what any rational students would do and we went. There were a couple cool headliners that night anyway. However, apparently Mother Nature had other plans, because as soon as we walked into the festival, this happened. Needless to say, we GTFO of there back to my place, where upon arrival we encountered a tree cracked in half in the backyard and a candlelit game of Monopoly in the dining room.

Cut to this afternoon (those who are still with me..).

Hydro Ottawa has finally come to cut up the excess tree and get our power working again. It feels good to have internet that can work fast enough for me to make use of it. So here are all my stories from Saturday night....

Saw Death From Above 1979 on their reunion tour. For anyone who's a fan of the duo, it was everything you'd expect it to be: wicked. For anyone unfamiliar with the act, it was two dudes clad in contrasting black and white (one of which is one half of MSTRKRFT) playing dance rock music...couldn't really go wrong here. Nice colour scheme (B&W) stage picture (for just two guys) and band dynamics (when the more obnoxiously, outspoken singer started aimlessly ranting, the bearded bassist pronounced cooly: "Apparently this has turned into a Mitch Hedberg routine"). Full points.

Next for the night was Vancouver's own Mother Mother. A bit more obscure of an act, the band immediately demanded attention. Lead by what seemed to be a European, coked-up version of Neil Patrick-Harris flanked by a blond and brunette on either side of him (with matching synths to boot) this band rocked it. They swayed in and out of a number of medleys comprised of a bunch of their hits, never missing a beat.

While the bass player and drummer held it down flawlessly, and the two lovely ladies were to die for (especially the brunette...), the real star of the show was the singer. His jerky precision combined with his knack for timing and poetic eloquence left the entire crowd in awe of his physically enthralling performance. Check these guys out if they're headed your way.

Anyway thanks for stickin round. I'm off for now. Here's some cool new(ish) music. Cheers

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