Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Morning Racket

"Woa, these guys are awesome...who the hell are they?"

That seemed to be the consensus last night when My Morning Jacket graced Bluesfest as the "dark horse" headliners. The Led-Zeppelin inspired psychadelic-folk-rockers jammed through an hour and a half long set full of vastly contrasted ups-and-downs with impressively tight precision, but very few stand-out moments. In all honestly, I left a little early because all the songs started to blend together, and the lack of any sort of visual diversions (other than a few glowsticks thrown into the crowd at the end) left a little bit to be desired. Top marks to the lead guitarist though, who kept me at the show a little bit longer than I expected when he whipped out a saxophone.
Metric - Sick Muse

Also on the bill for last night was the Bluesfest favourite Metric. I only got to the festival nearing the end of the performance (they came on before MMJ), but Emily Haines was able to lure me away from the Mini-Donut stand (those of you who know me understand the severity of that statement) with her adorable Canadian-girl looks and goosebump-inspiring voice. There are 3 other guys in the band too.

In new music news...

The group I promised at the end of my last blog post...Monarchy caught my ear a couple days ago with the sampler they've got out right now. Their glitzy brand of electro-pop-synth-whatever-it-is isn't just their hot ticket right now, these guys actually pull the whole thing off with an air of class. Check 'em out.

 Gold In The Fire by Monarchy 

 I Won't Let Go by Monarchy 

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