Sunday, June 12, 2011

5,000 Words

They say a picture is worth a thousand what's 5 times better than that? 5,000 words.

In an ever increasingly digital world, it is often difficult for one to take a moment to disconnect..get away from it all. I find the best way to do this is to sit inside (preferably a dimly lit room) and look at pictures of good times that my friends have taken from their lives. These five flickrs come from 5 of my close friends.

The first one comes from across the world from my longtime friend and twitter-holdout Bradley Eng. This guy is a certified ballin B-boy with the appropriate swag to match.

The next two come from two of my friends who are coming around to the thought of twitter. The first from my friend Alexandra (aka #atighe)

...and the second from my good friend Dana. She likes to take pictures of people smoking. Some great party shots in this collection.

The 4th is a flickr that I have featured before. Haven't been able to get this guy on twitter yet, but at least I preached flickr well enough to get this guy to post his photos for all to see. Many of this website's backgrounds have come from this flickr.

...aaaaaand the last (but certainly not least) of my friends' flickrs is also the one that's most at risk of being labeled 'hipster'. No bad vibes though...polaroid tinged (as well as lotsa disposable) still-life shots bring a nostalgic feel to the table. #Good times.

Word count: An uninspiring 275. Fuck photo-journalism, I should stick to trying to convert people to twitter.

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