Monday, June 13, 2011

..and just a few more words

Of course after I posted links to 5 of my friends' flickrs, there's one that I neglected to mention. This is not, however, due to the fact that I forgot, but rather because this one does not fit the category of "twitter holdout" quite as nicely as the rest. In fact, quite the opposite. Emilie "LaFrenchie" has a twitter account (in which she follows 50 people that aren't me) as well as a tumblr, flickr, blogspot and probably some other random, obscure form of social networking that not many people have.

A fashion student in Toronto (though she's been back and forth between Toronto and Ottawa this summer), her blog posts contain an unhealthy-amount-of-selfies...but it's all in the name of fashion, and she's pretty good looking, so it's beyond excused.

View Emilie's Flickr here

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