Thursday, June 9, 2011

Men vs WoMen

Let me set the record straight: I do not take this subject lightly. If you had to label my political stance on the issue, I'd put myself somewhere on the spectrum between 'feminist' and 'sexist'. Ideally I could be both, but we'd all like to have our cake and eat it too, wouldn't we?

I say feminist because, as my philosophy classes (as well as one of my politically aware and active friends) have taught me, feminism means believing that both genders are equal. I say sexist because I know they're not. Try and watch world class male and female athletes compete against each other, or watch a man try and multi-task like a stay-at-home Mom. With a few notable exceptions, it doesn't happen.

I say this because, up until recently, I was disgusted by the thought of working for "The Man"...nothing made me more sick to my stomach than the idea of aiding an unstoppable machine to push consumption upon well-meaning citizens just for a little bit of spending money; yet come summertime, wouldn't you know it, I ended up working a 'dreaded' 9-5 desk job. The reason I'm not pulling out my hair and puking out my guts in simultaneous fits of frustration and disgust? Turns out I ended up working for "The Wo-Man". The difference? While The Man seems to be focused on what furthers the company (at whatever cost) The WoMan focuses on making sure the employee is happy and productive, and will provide #tea and cookies to ensure this productivity.

Now, as dictated by my sexist-feminism beliefs (mark today in your calendars as the day that philosophical school was formed) I don't believe that working for either the "Man" or "WoMan" is better or worse...rather, different. Rather than get into a whole bunch of reasons for this (which I'm sure would offend many different people) I'm just gonna post content that mirrors my thoughts.

Working for "The Man": An ever-competitive battle that usually ends in at least 1 casualty of war

Working for the "WoMan": In all honesty this track (fittingly enough) is a little bland. Beyoncé says it best though when she says "We like to party" A cameo from someone interesting spices it up.

Beyoncé ft. André 3000 - Party

Beyonce ft. Andre 3000 Party MP3 Download

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