Friday, June 3, 2011

Hockey Post

2 of the 4 goalies that played for the
2010 Olympic final teams

Okay, so I normally post posts about music, but today I supposed I'd post a post about the supposedly proposed poise juxtaposition between the people in the positions of opposing post protectors. What I am purportedly attempting to put forth in this post, is that the story of these Stanley Cup Finals is going to be (and has been so far) about the battle between the posts. Game 1 concluded with Canadian boy Roberto Luongo coming out ahead of the Boston Bruin Tim Thomas, stopping 36 shots en route to a shutout. Tim Thomas held his own however, only letting a swift pass right across the slot to Raffi Torres get by him with 19 seconds left. It was a big win for #every one of us Canadians.

Yes folks, as Game 2 approaches tomorrow night, it will be interesting to see if both goalies can follow up their performances in Wednesday's matchup. It'll actually probably be more interesting if one of them doesn't. Either way, it's bound to be a matchup for the ages (featuring two #Vezina nominees and Olympic Gold finalists as the goaltenders) that may even get Americans scratching their heads and saying, "Geez, is hockey still happening? It's June for Christ's sake!"

In Other Hockey News:

Winnipeg got their team back! Not because Phoenix finally realized that having a hockey team was a bigger money pit han having a baseball franchise in Ottawa, but Atlanta was starting to realize that this was the case. 31 years after the Flames moved northward to Calgary, the only current expansion franchise to have never won a playoff game has suffered the same fate. Winnipeg inherits a treasure trove of young talent including Andrew Ladd, Dustin Byfuglin and Evander Kane (that clip of Kane gives me goosebumps everytime) as well as quite possibly the leagues most horrendus jerseys.

Teemu "the Finnish Flash" Selanne
The only remaining question is: What will this team be named? Early favourites are the "Jets", "Moose" and even "Falcons". Early reports have stated that the team will not be called the Jets, and that it will be the "Manitoba something". This puts Moose as the clear front-runner, as True North owns both the Thrashers and the Moose at this point. Personally, I think "the Moose" is a little on the unabashed Canadian-pride side, and wouldn't mind seeing the #Jets back in Canada... but these are just the opinions of one man who will likely never attend any their games or add to any of their revenues whatsoever. Just don't come crying to me when your franchise turns into the Sens instead of the Canucks (so much potential...)