Monday, June 20, 2011

A Bad Case of the Mondays

While working 9-5 might be livin' the dream for a lot of people, this doesn't mean that the lifestyle isn't without its drawbacks. Sure, you can live it up every Friday & Saturday night like you're Charlie Sheen on your 21st birthday (see also: #like you're Sam Donald on your 19th birthday), but in the end, you're always gonna have to wake up early on that Monday morning.

It looms. It's unavoidable. #You try as hard as you can to forget about it, but at the end of the day it's how you make that paper. So when I came home to find that the Weeknd had released a new song, I was psyched. If you read this blog more than just occasionally (lol), you know how much I like what the Weeknd has been and is doing. It was a song I had been waiting on too ('The Birds Part 1' was released 4 days ago). But to my surprise, when I clicked onto the link for Part 2 (after a message popped up saying that it was the legit link no less), it just played Part 1 again.

Anyway, all that that means is that the only new music you'll be hearing from this blog today comes from the San Fran area Pomplamoose. The songwriting caliber isn't too far off from classics from back in the day, but a sampled tape deck, horn section, and some nice video direction suggest a sort of sophistication that has recently developed in the group's work. I still think they should get rid of the annoying little vlogs that they plug on the end, but that might just be the Mondays talking.

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