Thursday, June 2, 2011

..but I feel You

Sam Roberts (or rather @Sam Roberts Band) just released a new album, "#Collider". This writer's opinion (in addition to many other blog writers' whose content is similar to mine) is that it's a little groovier than the band's previous efforts, if not a little less classic.

It suits the group though, I don't think they could come out with another Brother Down at this point. They've changed too much. Gone are the days where Sam would sit down with a guitar and write the entire album. The band's new songs seem more based on heavy grooves and winding riffs than ever, and if you've ever seen this band live, you've realized that a studio can't capture what they put out.

So while I present this average lookin'/soundin' video (who knows, it might grow on me) that the group just released to promote the new album, just imagine you're at Osheaga, with the bass pounding through your spine and the riffs penetrating your soul. Seriously, this band can build more energy and tension than an ex that can't stop #tearing off her beer labels. Bon Appetit!

Oh, and did I mention his voice? It has all the badass-ness of smoking, without the dead-sounding-ness so often encountered with cigarettes. Nice to hear another good ol' Canadian boy sounding raspy.
Here's another one that highlights his voice, and the fact that they know how to kick it live. Just for shits&giggles.

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