Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Kanye: The Original MotherLover?

New Track from Kanye West today.

Over a beat that sounds like 'Big Brother' would've sounded if it had been on College Dropout, Yeezy spits about the guys that used to try and get with his mom. His playful delivery narrates his life as he grows up, only to see himself become the very thing he despised in his childhood.

Verdict: Even though last year's My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was enough to keep him in the spotlight until his next dumb, drunk pulicity stunt, he's making damn sure no one forgets about him. Although he's not putting out tracks at the rate of Curren$y or anything, this track already has classic written all over it - only time will tell, really.

The song was supposedly supposed to be included on Fantasy, but instead was slated for a later release. My guess is that it didn't fit in with the concept-heavy framework of the album.

PS here's a lil' niblet of Kanye 'debut'ing the song at Facebook headquarters last year:

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