Saturday, June 18, 2011


Although Adele remixes are hardly uncharted territory, this isn't exactly for no good reason. Soaring hooks, infectious chords and soulful vocals make her samples prime territory for DJs everywhere to see what's happening in the local/global community, as well as give them a chance to stack their signature sounds up against their peers'.

So when a buddy of mine released his own take of the Über-popular 'Rollin in the Deep' I was skeptical, yet optimistic. Was it gonna live up to some of the better remixes I've heard? Or was it just gonna fade into obscurity and become unrecognizable amongst a sea of well-intentioned tributes? Since I haven't got sick of the original song yet, I decided to give it a go...

Zippy bass lines immediately fade in with airy synths echoing around them, conjuring up images of what a Justice / Avicii collab might sound like. Verses build to perfectly orchestrated club drops that are gonna sound bausss bumpin in the car this summer, so I must say that this remix undoubtedly seems to be among the former category. iTunes says I've already played it 3 times but we all know that just means I've played it 3 times to the end.

Check it:

 Rolling In the Deep (DJ c.LEgiT Remix) - Adele by djclegit

Also, diggin around his SoundCloud page i stumbled across these beauties. You can download all of his songs for free.

Click through to DJ Legit's website here

 Fuck You - Cee Lo (DJ c.LEgiT Remix) by djclegit

 Touch The Sky - Kanye West (DJ c.LEgiT Remix) by djclegit

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