Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thumbs up for Rock&Roll!!

"I remember when this
used to be sandbox as far
as the eye could see..."
Earlier this weekend, a video surfaced on YouTube of a kid who had just learned how to ride a bike. He is almost incredulous of himself and proceeds on an inspirational tirade about how anyone can ride a bike if they believe in themselves and if they practice they will get the hang of it - he knows it. It's an inspirational (as well as stupidly cute and hilarious) video that seems to have struck a chord with a wide range of people.  Why? Because everyone remembers when they learned to ride a bike, and this kid captured the moment so sincerely and genuinely that you couldn't help but laugh (or at least smile) at his closing remarks.

So while I was fixing up my old, rusty, seemingly-irrelevant red bike yesterday I got to thinking about an article I had read earlier this week in the @Huffington Post, describing the ideal candidate for the Liberal Party leadership race. The article describes how the Liberals need someone who is young, energetic and can breathe some sort of revolutionary life into the party.

Start priming this kid to be the next leader if the Liberal party? I only say this half jokingly... partly because he's a great speaker, and partly because he's pretty much the best candidate they have so far.

Think about it...assuming he's 8 or 9 years old already (how old are kids learning to ride bikes these days anyway?) he'd be of age within two elections, and if the Liberals are serious about a full-scale rebuild, that's not a ridiculously long time to wait to get a young, inspiring speaker in your party.

If things keep going they have been though, he'll probably end up going to a prestigious school and getting recruited by the youth-infused NDP. Either way works, as long as the Republicans don't get him.

Sorry for boring you with my politic-talk. Here's the video:

Top Comment: "Obama, pack your bags, we got a new president."

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