Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Angry Moose!

..or is the plural meese? More than one goose is geese, right?

Anyway, I've been a big fan of the San Francisco Bay area duo @Pomplamoose for a while now. Their unique brand of soft-driving-electro-indie-pop has elicited comparisons to @Feist, with a @DeathCabForCutie twist.

Anyways, they love to do what they call "VideoSongs". They've recorded dozens of originals, plus covers of classics such as "September", "Single Ladies" and "Beat It." The concept being that they record a video of every studio take they perform, and then mash it all into a music video. Their 2 rules for videosongs are:
1) Every sound/instrument that they play appears at least once in the video and..
2) Every video clip that gets played is featured at least once in the track.

The guy (@JackConte) is a little bit of an effeminate, annoying douche (exhibit A @2:28), but @Nataly is just the cutest, so it's all excused. Here's the newest cover they've posted. I really dig the call and response vibe it's giving off. Here you go.

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