Thursday, May 26, 2011

MTL livin vs. Ottawa grinding

As many people who read this I'm sure are aware, I have returned to the parent-entiary that is West Ottawa. Free room and board and food, but the catch is that I have to get a job. Oh, and answer to people. Now what was formerly this, has turned into this. And I don't even have anyone to sue..

All kidding aside, I ended up getting a job somewhere that doesn't not look like this place, where I'm forced to grind it out on the daily. It's pretty average, if not a little cushy and easy..which coincidentally brings me to the theme of this post: Adele.

Recently, my mother has grown fond of Adele's music (thank you Qtv) and I thought I might use her new-found fandom as the inspiration for a metaphor. Whereas Ottawa is much like the original song - classy and presentable, with a #greatpersonality - Montreal is much like the remix I have posted: Dirty, disgusting, and #delicious...bust most importantly - too fucked up to give a shit.

In conclusion, I'm headed to MTL to go livin' for the weekend. Peace, bitches. Here's some music.


 Adele - Rolling In The Deep (Deep Feel Dubstep Remix) by Bondo Music

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