Sunday, May 15, 2011

Take a Look At Yourself

Hi internet,
Today I write to you from hangover-ville. Rumor has it that the town is pretty densely populated, but no one has ever bothered to get out of their bed to attempt a headcount before..

Anyway, as I lie here, after trying every remedy from herbal remedies to the #cookingswag that they entail, the correct antidote today turned out to be Youtube and music. And water. Lots of water.

While the Youtube channel is something my #olderbrother showed me, the beats this morning come courtesy of one Estevan Falcøne. Estevan (aka Evan) is a guy I met in res this year, and this guy's got some talent. He lived down the hallway from the room we practiced in, and although we didn't get to jam with him till nearer to the end of the year, David and I had an epic prog-rock jam with Mr. Falcone. Seriously, this guy can shred an axe.

That's not exactly what he's doing in this track, though. This has got the 90's metal singer-songwriter vibe goin for it, but without all the scratchiness of Soundgarden/Stone Temple Pilots etc.. Not only does my man do justice to MJ, he adds his own twist to it too. Good shout. His tracks aren't allowed to be embedded in blog posts so I'm gonna have to get you to click here to enjoy this one. Ctrl-click to open it in a new window/tab. (-click for Macs)

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