Sunday, May 8, 2011


I used to play music with a guy named Conor Conway. He was a fantastically talented trumpet player that was (and still is presumably..) 3 grades above me. Really chill guy.

Over the years, he's sent me a couple links to Toronto area bands he's played with or people he's known, and generally they were pretty good beats..but when he sent me the link to his buddy @TheWeeknd, I snatched up the free mixtape "House of Balloons" right away. To me it kind of sounded like a cool mix between the 808's @Kanye and more dubb-y @JamesBlake. Admittedly, this sound can rarely sustain an entire album unless you're in the mood, but a couple tracks definitely stand out. I was recently reminded of this when iTunes shuffle threw on "Coming Down". It's a dubby, drugged out ode to regrets and cold sweats.

Well done, sir. Well done.

The Weeknd - Coming Down by The_Weeknd

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  1. he's in the weeknd - in fact, that's his bathtub on the album cover.