Sunday, May 8, 2011

Parody Rap Bitchezzzz

The genre of 'parody rap' has been an everchanging landscape of gifted artist that has historically ranged through everything from Weird Al to Mad TV. But lately, one group has just eclipsed all competition. Like, it's not even close...think Lil' Wayne pre-jail (who am I kidding..Lil' Wayne pre-#Rebirth)

These guys are gettin' the guest stars, spittin' the fire, and only mentioning their dicks a little too much. This blog is no stranger to these guys..In fact I catch most of their videos around 300 views (this one included, no word of a lie...the trick? @theLonelyIsland)

Anyway, I'm not much of a Michael Bolton fan/follower. Hell, the most I've ever heard of him is the fact that he had the same name as the guy in Office Space. Love 'em or hate 'em, the "no-talent assclown" does a pretty bang-up job in this cross between Jizz in My Pants and Boombox. Case in point: They try to be cool, and there's something inherently uncool about what they're saying. A hilarious formula that I'm gonna give three more years. Tops.

"Watch it girl, cuz I ain't your mister nice guy, more like the 'meet you take you home and fuck you twice' guy"

Bonus goodies:

In honour of Mother's Day, the boys from the group have released one of their tracks ("Mama") for free. A lovely ode to taking bullets for your Mom n'shit...My Mom didn't like the swearing but fuck that.

aaaaaaand this is a cool lil' parody rap ditty by the second of the two and a half men (The one that isn't on as much Charlie Sheen as the star of the show). It appeared at the #ComedyAwards, the same place the Lonely Island performed I Just Had Sex with Akon.

Peace internet...I have to get my ass out of bed and show my Mom I'm worth something. #stillunemployed. (Gotta highlight the text to see the words in that link...)

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