Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wicked Wednesdays

Stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

...and by 'rock' I mean the school I finished about three weeks ago and by 'hard place' I mean the job I'm not starting for another 3 weeks. The only other thing I have to occupy my time is busking... and the weather network is only calling for rain, rain, rain.

It's a tough life. Seriously - Twitter and blogging are the two things that make me feel productive...does anyone else see how messed up that is?! I suppose I could do my laundry, but then that would only mean that there'd be even more dirrty dubstep out there for me to dig up.

Today's entry comes to you from my favourite CBC Radio Broadcaster, and although that might not sound like the greatest endorsement, you gotta hear me out on this one. @JianGhomeshi is a man that truly has his  finger to the pulse. This guy's done insightful interviews with the likes of Broken Bells, Damon Albarn (of the Gorillaz) as well as many more. (In fact, he was the object of Billy-Bob Thornton's diva-hissy fit after inadvertently mentioning that Mr. Thornton was an actor). He also gets top-notch acts to play on his show..there are too many to mention here, but recently he has brought on Adele to belt out some beautiful music.

The focus of this video is London, Ontario's Shad K. I think I speak for most suburban, white teenagers who have outgrown Drake when I say that Shad is where Canadian hip-hop is at. Sure you can throw a couple more names at me (and I'm sure my buddy Lucas will do just that when he reads this) but Shad is fresh, talented, and deserves to be up with the likes of Classified, K-Os and Kardinal. Here he plays guitar and spits over a DJ and beatboxer (can you say entourage?) on his track "Rock To It". Shit gets so heavy that he has to drop a new verse at the end. Fire.

"My blog buzz is at an all time height..ooh I'm in the prime of my online-life"

PS another little gift to make this Wednesday a lil' more's a track I heard of via Earmilk. Mashes up one of my favourite artists with one of my favourite products. Click here to spin that track

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