Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Politics n' whatnot

Like any freedom-loving citizen with a blog, I feel that I have a responsibility to push my political opinions on other people who read the internet.. especially after such an historic election just took place. Here are the stats - The Way I See 'em:

60% - Percentage of population that voted.
Verdict: Not bad considering the last turnout was the lowest ever. (It is important to note the connection between a Harper government and general apathy of the population)

30.6% - Percentage of popular vote given to my boy #JackLayton and the NDP.
Verdict: Not bad for a party that's pretty much never been legit. Especially since they only got 9% less of the vote than the supposed "majority" government that was just elected.

39.6% - Percentage of popular vote allocated to the Conservative Party of Canada.
Verdict: If I got a 39% on a test, I'd have a hard time telling my parents that I passed it..(Note: More Canadians want a non-Harper government than a Harper government)

52% - Percentage of seats allocated to the Conservative Party of Canada.
Verdict: Harper's ass got saved by the bellcurve here. Still, where I go to school, this is what's called a 'conditional pass'. Good thing he doesn't need to use this as a prerequisite for a legitimately elected government..

4 - The number of seats won by McGill students. All #NDP. Incidentally, the same number of seats won by the Bloc Québecois.

Final Verdict: Even though not even half the population voted in a majority government, the fact that "Canada's version of Barack" (you heard it here first) is leading the official opposition means I'm not gonna call this one a loss. @ElizabethMay defeated a longtime Conservative riding and, in the process, gained exactly 1 more seat than both the leaders of the BQ and the Liberal Party combined.

K, politics mumbo-jumbo outta the way. Expect to see some combination of #dubstep/dumb internet videos soon.

PS anyone know how to make the links open in a new window/tab? This blogspot thing is relatively new to me...

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